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How to Choose The Right Traffic Signs

How to choose the right traffic signs for your projects? Traffic signage, an infrastructure for road traffic management, coming in different colors, shapes, and patterns, is used to convey messages, provide guidance, issue warnings, or restrict speeds to drivers and pedestrians. These colors, shapes, and patterns of traffic signs are important components of its design […]

Traffic Signs

What are traffic signs? Traffic signs are road facilities that convey information, provide guidance, issue warnings, or restrict speeds to motorized, non-motorized, or pedestrian traffic along a roadway or in a specific area, either in words or symbols. These signs play a vital role in maintaining road safety, regulating traffic flow, and conveying important information […]

Steel Crash Protection Bollards

What are steel bollards? Steel bollards are a type of metal bollards with powder coating finish or painting finish or hot galvanized finish to protect buildings, infrastructure, pedestrians, machines pillars, supports, columns, (roller) gates, loading ramps etc. in urban and industrial environments. What are steel bollards called? Steel bollards are also called steel pipe bollards, […]

Reflective Galvanzied Posts

What are reflective galvanized posts? Reflective galvanized posts are metal posts coated with a layer of zinc to protect themselves from corrosion and rust and stuck on reflective film to increase visibility in night. What are reflective galvanized posts called? Reflective galvanized posts also called reflective galvanized poles, reflective road divider posts, reflective galvanized columns, […]

304 Stainless Steel Pipe Bollards

What’s stainless steel bollards? Stainless steel bollards are a type of road safety equipment used to provide security. These bollards not only serve as a physical barrier with high-strength, but also establish a strong psychological barrier. The main purpose is to prevent facilities from vehicles crashing by accident or protect people from terrorist attack. What […]

316 SS VS 304 SS VS Galvanized Pipe

316 SS VS 304 SS 316 stainless steel also called marine-grade stainless steel, the corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance is much better than 304 stainless steel, in other words, we can replace 304 SS with 316 SS, but not the reverse. The only advantage of 304 SS is much cheaper and suitable for most general-purpose […]

The Stanchion Ropes

What are stanchion ropes? Stanchion ropes are an effective, attractive and convenient way to create queues, manage crowds, mark off certain sections in event spaces or decorate parties and festivals. They typically work with 2* poles and more or 2*wall mounted plates and more to fulfill their function. They are recognized and getting popular because […]

The 4 Way Retractable Ribbon

What is a 4 way Retractable Ribbon? The 4 way retractable ribbon also called 4 way retractable belt, is made of retractable system and ribbon, because the retractable system was designed to have 4 pieces*fixed bar on itself, the connector at the end of the ribbon can put them in four ways. How does the […]

The Dimension of Retractable Cafe Barriers Wind Breaks

The retractable cafe barriers wind breaks also called rolled up cafe barrier system. The dimension is mainly determined to the aluminum retracting system, and aluminum retracting system is composed of 1* 70mm aluminum on top, 1*retracting system, 1*plastic fixation on poles, 1*32mm aluminum post on bottom and 1*plastic hook, please check the photo. After learning parts of […]

What’s the Common and Difference Between Queue Pillars Retractable Cafe Barrier Wind Breaks and Rope Stand Budget Drinks Shop Wind Barrier System

The common The benefits are the same, they are cost-effective and flexible to create a privacy, shelter and shade for customers, increase good impression from customer consumption experience and attract more people with characteristic banner design, which will increase income and your brands. It also helps control crowd in the queue line and guides people to […]