The Dimension of Retractable Cafe Barriers Wind Breaks

The retractable cafe barriers wind breaks also called rolled up cafe barrier system.

The dimension is mainly determined to the aluminum retracting system, and aluminum retracting system is composed of 1* 70mm aluminum on top, 1*retracting system, 1*plastic fixation on poles, 1*32mm aluminum post on bottom and 1*plastic hook, please check the photo.

After learning parts of aluminum retracting system, then you can understand how to read the sizes below that we list below:

The Dimension of Retractable Cafe Barriers Wind Breaks

From the sheet above, you can learn that the regular sizes of aluminum post retracted system are 70(D)*1050(L)mm, 70(D)*1250(L)mm and 70(D)*1450(L)mm, and these sizes are tested by the market and are able to meet almost the customers’ needs.

Also from the constructure, we can tell that the banner size is limited by the aluminum retracting systems and the height of poles. For example, the mode 1050mm with 900mm height of poles, the banner could be made less than 1000mm in width, less than 850mm in height.

Usually we ask for the size for 1000*750mm, 1250*750mm or 1450*750mm, actually it means the banner size, because we will provide the corresponding aluminum post retracted system based on it, this is a kind of common sense in the market now. The aluminum post retracted system size is larger than the banner size, then the banner could be rolled into it.

But there is always an exception, called customization, someone ever asked for 1950mm*1500mm, it could be made with 3 requirements:

No.1 We have to adjust the spring inside to increase the tensile force from pulling;

No.2 The stanchion poles need to be made at least 2000mm in height;

No.3 Minimum order quantity limitation.

It helps you to make the best choice after learning the dimension of retractable cafe barriers wind breaks when you’re ready to try it, and if you want to look for more professional advice on your projects, please feel free to contact us [email protected] from Ningbo Hongqi Import and Export Co.,ltd.

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