304 Stainless Steel Pipe Bollards

304 Stainless steel Pipe Bollards

What’s stainless steel bollards?

Stainless steel bollards are a type of road safety equipment used to provide security. These bollards not only serve as a physical barrier with high-strength, but also establish a strong psychological barrier. The main purpose is to prevent facilities from vehicles crashing by accident or protect people from terrorist attack.

What are stainless steel bollards called?

Stainless steel bollards are also called stainless steel traffic jams, stainless steel roadblocks, stainless steel bollard posts, stainless steel pipe bollards, stainless steel crash protective bollards, stainless steel anti-terrosist bollards, stainless steel parking bollards, stainless steel security bollards, stainless steel bollard barriers, stainless steel pipe bollard blockers, stainless steel pipe bollard poles, stainless steel warning bollards and stainless steel anti-collision bollards.

What’s the material of stainless steel pipe bollards?

Usually there are 304 SS and 316 SS to make the pipe bollards, but our manufacturer chooses 304 SS as our main material, because 304SS is a cost-effective and reliable choice if the traffic road safety application is in a standard urban or suburban area with typical environmental conditions. Please check the blog 316 SS VS 304 SS VS Galvanized Pipe to find out more information.

What are the sizes of 304 stainless steel pipe bollards?

Below are the conventional sizes that we produce, and we can also make ODM and OEM.

Attention: the thickness of 304 stainless steel column is from 0.4mm to 8mm, but 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 6.0mm are used frequently in traffic barrier.

How many colors of 304 stainless steel pipe bollards can do?

Nature(bright), brushed silver, matt finished silver, titanium golden, titanium black or customized.

How many types of 304 stainless steel pipe bollards?

By function, there are 3 types, dismountable one and fixed one;

By bases, there are 4 types, dismountable one, fixed one, in ground one and embedded barrel one;

By top, there are 6 types, dome top one , sleeve top one, triangle lock flat top one, welded flat top one. removable anti-theft flat top one, handgrip flat top one,

How many kinds of bases for 304 stainless steel pipe bollards?

There are 6 kinds of bases you would be interested in , 6mm flange, 8mm flange, 10mm flange, embedded barrel, steel tripod and in ground.

Why are 304 stainless steel pipe bollards important?

304 stainless steel plays an important role in protecting traffic control and safety. Now please check down the reasons listed why it is so important.

Prevent Facilities from Vehicles Crashing by Accident. The anti-collision class of 304 stainless steel is 4k (40km/h), which means it can control the vehicles to slow down in a quick way or to be stopped, and avoid more damage on facilities and more hurt on people when the accident is happening. These strong bearing capacity benefits from tough material 304 SS.

Anti-terrorist Security bollards. 304 SS bollards are designed for terrorist attack, rob and murder to minimize the damage.

Physical Barrier. 304 SS pipe bollards stop the vehicles accessing restricted areas, pedestrian walkways, or sensitive infrastructure. They help control traffic and protect pedestrians from potential collisions with vehicles.

Traffic Management. 304 SS pipe bollards also can be used road divider to manage traffic flow, create traffic lanes, and designate parking areas.

Pedestrian Safety. 304 SS pipe bollards are treated as guard at the gate of entrance of the scenic spot or entrance of airport, subway, and railway. It not only decorate the environment itself, but also control the crowd.

Parking Control. 304 SS pipe bollards are used to define parking spaces, protect parking areas from unauthorized entry, and prevent drivers from parking in restricted zones.

Asset Protection. 304 SS pipe bollards safeguard valuable assets such as buildings, utility equipment, public amenities, and outdoor installations from accidental damage caused by vehicles for its resistant to corrosion.

What are the advantages of 304 stainless steel pipe bollards?

304 Stainless steel pipe bollards offer numerous importance and make themselves a popular choice for various safety and security applications. Now please find out advantages below:

Corrosion Resistance. Due to resistant to corrosion and rust, 304 stainless steel pipe bollards can withstand various climates outside. like cold drying, hot and humid, snow or saltwater, which also make them well suitable for most places in the world.

High Impact-resistance. From the sizes above, we can see that it can stop the vehicles from the impact 4K(40km/h), which make a tough physical barrier between vehicles and pedestrians.

Low Maintenance. 304 Stainless steel is a robust material, ensuring that pipe bollards made from this material are strong and long-lasting. Once the pipe bollards are installed, it requires minimal maintenance, but needs to be cleared and inspected regularly to keep them in good condition, reducing the ongoing maintenance cost.

Variety of Sizes and Colors. The sizes listed above are the most popular sizes in our factory, but we do OEM and ODM both, you can have you own design and sizes and colors.

Easy Installation.  304 stainless steel pipe bollards are relatively easy to install, each of you can install them when you receive, also we will provide the video and specification to help installation.

Where to use the 304 stainless steel pipe bollards?

Urban transportation, government departments, pedestrian streets, traffic management, expressways, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, Large clubs, superstores, parking lot and garages, entrances of the scenic spot, equipment protection, perimeter security, building and property protection, industrial applications, storefront protection, and marine environments etc.

304 stainless steel pipe bollards not only provide physical barrier with high strength, but also  establish a strong psychological barrier, these are due to the characteristics of the stainless steel material itself. And it is gradually recognized and accepted by market with the advancement of technology and the improvement of economy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected] from Ningbo Hongqi Import and Export Co.,ltd. when you’re ready.

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