Reflective Galvanzied Posts

Galvanized Pipe Post

What are reflective galvanized posts?

Reflective galvanized posts are metal posts coated with a layer of zinc to protect themselves from corrosion and rust and stuck on reflective film to increase visibility in night.

What are reflective galvanized posts called?

Reflective galvanized posts also called reflective galvanized poles, reflective road divider posts, reflective galvanized columns, reflective road block posts, galvanized road Posts, reflective road barrier posts, reflective galvanized steel posts, reflective car parking bollard posts, reflective galvanized parking columns, cheap galvanized steel security posts, and urban metal galvanized posts etc.

What is the material of reflective galvanized posts?

The galvanized posts are made of Q235 carbon steel and coated with a layer of zinc called “galvanized”. The posts are resistant to corrosion and rust to some degree and can withstand various climates outside for a very long time, similar to 304 stainless steel bollards.

What are the sizes of reflective galvanized posts?

Below are the conventional sizes that we produce, and we can also make ODM and OEM.

sizes for galvanized posts

What types of reflective film for galvanized posts is used?

There are 5 kinds of reflective films in the market, engineering grade reflective film, super engineering grade reflective film, high strength grade reflective film, super grade reflective film and Diamond reflective film, and among them engineering grade reflective film is the most commonly used for galvanized posts. Moreover, there are many color combination of reflective film, the most common is red and white, black and yellow.

Why are reflective galvanized posts important?

The reflective galvanized posts are widely used in various aspects of urban traffic road safety construction.

*Reflective galvanized posts are a cheap and tough way to manage traffic flow, create traffic lanes, designate parking area and support traffic sign;

*Reflective galvanized posts stuck on engineering grade reflective films make themselves are more practical, it could also bring security and protection for drivers and pedestrians in night by reflectors and reduce the risk of road accidents.

*Reflective galvanized posts combine with parking lock to regulate parking behavior in parking area.

*Reflective galvanized posts coated with a layer of zinc not only are used as road dividers and road barriers, but also can be used as support for traffic signs.

What are the advantages of reflective galvanized posts?

Reflective galvanized posts play a vital role in urban traffic road safety construction, here are the advantages below:

Price competitive. Reflective galvanized posts are the cheapest, comparing to 304 SS Pipe Bollards and 316 SS Pipe Bollards, because the material, processing methods and surface treatment are cheaper. ;

Corrosion Resistance. Reflective galvanized posts are resistant to corrosion and rust to some degree, then they could last for a considerable time, usually several years or more with regular checking and maintaining the surface condition.


All in all, the reflective galvanized posts are a cost-effective and practical way to manage traffic flow, create traffic lanes, designate parking area, regulate parking behavior with parking locks and support traffic signs. Please remember contacting us [email protected] when you need.

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