The Retractable Stanchions

The Retractable Stanchions

What’s a retractable stanchions?

The retractable stanchions are not only the cost-effective, portable and convenient way to make or keep the traffic or pedestrian in order in different kinds of places with retracted ribbons, no matter indoor or outdoor, but also it is easy to store, assemble and disassemble, which make it priority selection in many occasions.

What are the retractable stanchions called?

The retractable stanchions also called queue line dividers, queue barriers, queue pillars, belt stanchion posts, retractable belt barriers, retractable ribbon barrier poles, queue control barriers, crowd control stanchions, crowd control barrier posts or Barrier posts and crowd control stands.

The history of retractable stanchions.

Retractable stanchions, also known as barrier posts or queue poles have been in use since the late 19th century, when they were first used to separate crowds at public events, the idea behind them was to provide a more efficient way of managing crowds and queues compared to traditional rope barriers.

The first retractable stanchion was created in 1941 by A.B.C. Hansen, an American engineer and inventor who sought to create a safer way for crowds to queue up at stores and other public places. The stanchions, which were made of steel and featured a retractable belt, quickly became popular due to their compact size and portability.

Today, retractable stanchions remain a popular crowd control and line management solution. They are now available in various materials, such as stainless steel or polyester, with options for customized belts.

What’s the material of retractable stanchions?

The one set of retractable stanchions are composed of 201 stainless steel poles or 304 stainless steel poles or aluminum or polyester , retractable plastic head with ribbon system or retractable metal head with ribbon system, rubber base or galvanized base or metal base. The most popular and economic combination is that 201 stainless steel poles, retractable plastic head with ribbon system and rubber base.

What’s the surface treatment of retractable stanchions?

There are 4 differents of surface treatment: brushed, Nature, titanium, stoving varnish, birght or matt finish.

What is the space for stanchions poles?

The commom space between stanchion poles is 1800mm, 2800mm or 4800mm, but it can be adjusted it based the environmental requirement and personal preference.

Why are retractable stanchions?

Retractable stanchions are a fantastic way to manage crowd flow and control pedestrian traffic and they can be used in a variety of locations, from indoor to outdoor, such as shops, banks, basement parking, warehouse, hotel and  cinema indoor, concert, sports field, airport, job fair, zoo, plaza and scenic spots outdoor;

Retractable stanchions are cost-effective, comparing to the concrete traffic bollards and metal traffic bollards;

Retractable stanchions are convenient, comparing to the plastic flexible posts, because it use the rubber bases or galvanized bases or metal bases, and these bases are removable at any time,  but the plastic flexible posts are bolted down the ground.

Retractable stanchions are easy to assemble and disassemble, store and transport. The users only screw on the pole and bases when it is used; For storage and transport, take a example, it only takes 1cbm space to store almost 100 sets; And the packing sizes 88*32*27cm for poles, 66*32*18cm for base cover and 35*35*35cm for bases belong to regular package and could be moved by single person.

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