The Heavy Duty Base of Retractable Stanchions

The Heavy Duty Base of Retractable Stanchions

What’s the heavy duty base of retractable stanchions?

The base of the retractable stanchions is an important component of the stanchion. It provides stability and support for the post, keeping it upright in all directions. The base can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, rubber or concrete depending on the application. Some bases are designed to be permanently fixed to a surface, while others may offer wheels or casters to make them mobile.

What are types of stanchion bases? There are rubber base, rubber cone base, rubber trumpet base, galvanized flat base, galvanized cone base,  galvanized trumpet base, metal U base with rubber circle, case iron base, semicircle base, rubber base with wheel and others.

What’s the diameter of stanchion bases?

The diameter of bases has 280mm, 320mm and 350mm, and the most commonly used diameter is 320mm.

How to choose the stanchion bases? 

The biggest problem is how to choose the ideal base when you are ready to buy stanchions. Here are some ways to help below:

No.1 Based on weight. This is the most common  and quick way to choose the base, because the heavier the base is, the more table the pole will stand.

For example, rubber base is 5.0kgs,  galvanized base is 5.5kgs and 6kgs,  case iron base is 7kgs and 8kgs, metal u base is 6kgs. For 2m and 3m retractable ribbon, the rubber base 5.0kgs enough, but you can choose the galvanized base 5.5kgs or 6kgs,  for 5m retractable ribbon, usually we suggest galvanized base 5.5kgs or 6.0kgs.

No.2 Usage Lifespan. The rubber ones will be aging and will be probably dehiscent  after 1 or 2 years;  and the galvanized ones will lose the rubber circle around the galvanized iron sheet; the case iron base will be used longest, comparing to the first two types.

No.3 Technology difference. Rubber base and galvanized base both are filled in concrete to make it heavy, but the case iron base is solid and is heavy itself.

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